Why do Romantic economists tell us our economy is growing, when in reality it is stagnated? Or does the growth in the Nation’s GDP now equals economic development? How is it that everything they say is growing in this economy, it is the aspect of growth that affects the people that is still less than 1%?

Our economic GDP they say is greater than that of our South African counterpart and as of recent it is rated 26th in the world index. This they believe is true for a number of reasons, one of which is the prevalent domestic demand in the Nation’s economy. But while this is so and remains true, the Country’s human development index stands at 0.47%.

To say the Human development Index is less than 0.5% is to say that the majority of our people who are grossly inhibited by factors which makes it impossible for them to be productive is about 99.5%. Factors such as Healthy Living, Educational Knowledge or Skill and a descent Standard of Living are a requisite for a productive and progressive country which we all desire. Our economic growth can only be authentic when it is inclusive.

The government must put in the right policy frame work which should emphasize equality of opportunity in terms of empowerment through training, access to markets, employment, resources, and a regulatory environment that provides a level playing field. The poor also must be considered and included through a steady increase in productive labour. This is what creates wealth and raises the income level of excluded groups.

Institutions across board should do more in providing capacity building training to a number of our teeming youths and mothers and then set up support groups that will follow up and monitor their performance in the delivery of their services to ensure adequate compliance with best practice. Skill not put to adequate use soon becomes obsolete and as we all know consistence and persistence in any trade is what makes for mastery.

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