Rita’s Events and Suites

Rita’s Events and Suites

Rita’s Events and Suites brings to you a novel experience in event hosting for conferences, exhibitions, concerts, product launches, weddings, and lodgings. Their offerings are of top-notch services with a perfect mix of creativity, action, and relaxation.

Sector: Hospitality / Tourism

Scope: Idea diagnosis and Website design


  1. Inadequate understanding of the idea and market potential
  2. Limited scope and marketing strategy
  3. Ineffective and efficient publicity and awareness channels.


  1. Improvement of ideal concept – Products and services diagnosis and description
  2. Provided expanded scope and effective operational strategy
  3. Identified more revenue sources to complement existing income generation channels
  4. Provided detailed market analysis and recommendations
  5. Offered diverse marketing solutions within the company’s budget
  6. Developed and designed the company’s website


  1. In-depth understanding of challenges and solution offerings
  2. Improved communication of products and services
  3. Increase in the number of visitors to the website
  4. Increase in patronage