Product Diagnosis and Brand Architecture

We at Ralinyce Consulting, we offer strategic turnaround consulting, uncover specific and relevant questions across all sectors of the economy. Through a detailed research program we are able to put your ideas in a clearer view and create a synergy between you, your products/services, Brand, customers, and stakeholders. This is because our methodology covers diverse range of cases which are analyzed through various systems, while we employ structured strategies which makes it possible to gather accurate data.

Our Services Includes:

  1. Idea Concept Development (For new products and services)
  2. Business Development Consulting (For existing businesses)
  3. Provision of ICT Solutions
  4. Corporate Affairs Registration support
  5. Brand / Corporate Identity Design
  6. Print and Publication
  7. Training and Empowerment

Industry Specifications

  1. Oil and Gas / Power
  2. Construction / Infrastructure & Mining
  3. Manufacturing & Production
  4. Agriculture / Export & Import
  5. Consumer Product / Marketing
  6. Media & Advertising
  7. Tourism
  8. Non Governmental Organization

Once we are engaged, our work will be to effectively diagnose your idea/business services so as to address issues that may tend to impede productivity, growth and further detrimental to organizational stability. By this we mean we will:

  1. Eliminate porosity within your range of businesses i.e closing up leakages
  2. Interpret your business model – idea conceptualization
  3. Identify and mitigate any possible risk – strengthening your capital reserve
  4. Consolidate your brand architecture / corporate identity – connecting the dots.

We don’t stop until the results are verifiable, such as:

  1. In-depth understanding of idea/challenges and way out
  2. Improvement in communication of products and services
  3. Expanded scope of business opportunities and potentials
  4. Enhancement of operational strategies
  5. Improved innovative perspectives of business opportunities
  6. Increased chances for investor buy-in
  7. Easy, direct and quick access to target market
  8. Long term market relevance.

You can call us today on +2347039101203 for an appointment to discuss your business needs we will be more than willing to assist.

Remember this:

“Businesses in Nigeria are performing far below potential mainly because its concept has not been well understood from its onset”. – Owen Iyiewuare

Best Wishes.

… developing concepts in steps

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