Owen Iyiewuare

Owen Iyiewuare is a serial entrepreneur; he is passionate about Mentorship, Investment, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Service (MILES). He started his entrepreneurial journey in January 2013. Through determination, proactiveness, dedication and commitment to uncompromising quality, speed, efficient service delivery and most importantly developing a great personality, he was able to transcend from squatting to establishing his company and zero kobo to managing multimillion naira projects collaborating with major brands like SONY, Scanfrost, Afrione, MediaTrak and Others.

Owen Iyiewuare is a mentor, speaker, servant leader, an author and a friend. He developed the Faithgane Foundation Initiative such as the programmes, projects and Academy courses. He pioneered “The Mentormorphosis – evolution of hybrid leaders”, a conference designed to promote mentorship across Africa. The Mentormorphosis is fast gaining acceptability and as a viable Brand for Mentorship Campaign in Nigeria and other African countries. Owen Iyiewuare has been the host of international television live broadcasts. He has featured on the highly rated “This morning” on Loveworld Plus.

Owen holds a B.Sc degree from the prestigious University of Lagos (Unilag) and believes he was able to achieve all these within 7 years through the grace of God and adhering to the MILES principle.