Oilspot is bridging the existing divide between oil and gas companies, government associations, and their neighboring communities. It is Nigeria’s first fully integrated oil and gas platform with the purpose of oil and gas trading as well as marketing/advertising through directory listing services. It matches great photography with functionality. These features combined make your business listing very attractive to potential customers.

Sector: Oil & Gas / Mineral Mining / Power

Scope: Idea Conceptualization, Website design, and Online Business Services


  1. Poor understanding of idea and nature
  2. Limited scope and operational strategy
  3. Lacked effective and efficient publicity and awareness channels.
  4. Inadequate knowledge of target market and marketing strategies


  1. Development of idea concept – Products and services diagnosis and description
  2. Provided expanded scope and effective operational strategy
  3. Identified more revenue sources to complement existing income generation channels
  4. Provided detailed market analysis and recommendations
  5. Offered diverse marketing solutions within the company’s budget
  6. Developed and designed the Oilspot directory website
  7. Offered online campaign strategies to increase the number of visitors to the website
  8. Online business support services currently running



  1. In-depth understanding of challenges and solution offerings
  2. Improved communication of products and services
  3. Increase in the number of visitors to the website
  4. Received positive feedback from visitors to the website