Faithgane Foundation

Faithgane Foundation

Faithgane Foundation is an indigenous NGO with a focus and goal to raise a new breed of leaders which was thoughtfully referred to as HYBRID. This for the foundation was an improved version of the quality of leadership that currently exists among the youths in Africa.

Sector: Ministries / NGO’s / Community Dev. Services

Scope: Idea Conceptualization, Incorporation Support & Website design and development


  1. Poor understanding of idea and nature
  2. Limited scope and operational strategy
  3. Poor legal framework / requiring registration with relevant authority
  4. Lacked effective and efficient publicity and awareness channels.


  1. Development of the idea concept – identifying and analyzing community issues with key focus on youths.
  2. Provided expanded scope and effective operational strategies
  3. Channeling operations majorly through effective mentoring programmes. Other initiatives developed included Internship and Entrepreneurship programme
  4. Development of mentorship courses for participants and members of the foundation
  5. Developed and initiated “The Mentormorphosis Conference” an annual mentoring programme.
  6. Provided legal framework and operational policies.
  7. Facilitated incorporation with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria
  8. Provided dynamic and efficient online presence through the design and development of the faithgane foundation website.


  1. Indept understanding of challenges and solution offerings
  2. Improved communication of products and services
  3. Proper and effective legal structure
  4. Increase awareness of importance of mentoring and community impact
  5. Growth in youth entrepreneurship
  6. Increase in career and business enterprises
  7. Increased empowerment for skilled youths through sponsorships and philanthropy